Content marketing has changed through the latest technology advancements, especially with the generation of Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, all across the industries, there is a rush in adopting artificial intelligence in service operations. And the exception year with Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in several areas.

Furthermore, when…

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from being a component of science fiction to reality. In today’s digital era, we have a host of intelligent machines like self-driving cars, chatbots, and a lot more. …

Neutral, Positive, Negative

When it comes to customer feedback, brands often rely on hard data. As long as they are getting a good rating on the Google play store or other apps above four stars, all is well. But, do these ratings ever tell you anything about your products or…

Pooja Sharma

Love to write about anything books, Environment, Health, Artificial Intelligence, Travel. Thriving to learn and grow.

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